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                                            September 2007
                                              Vol. I | No.9 Ensuring that you stay ahead



Dear Friends,

It’s a great pleasure to present to you the 9th issue of your newsletter IBSAF WORLD. Truly this is a newsletter made ‘BY YOU, FOR YOU and OF YOU'.

The IBSAF circuit as usual is buzzing with activity. The 1st International IBSAF event was held at Dubai on 10th August 2007 at Dubai Knowledge Village. Members at Dubai were pleasantly surprised and were overjoyed to meet their friends after a long time. The Bangalore and Bhubaneswar events were happening as ever. Members met, enjoyed, went down the memory lane and on top of all that had lots of fun. Catch glimpses of all the action inside.

The IBSAF awards for excellence in SIP were also presented in Bangalore and Bhubaneswar. Find the details inside or log on to www.ibsaf.org.

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We have just celebrated the 60th Year of Independence. We have come a long way from 1947, but couldn't it have been better? Send in your entries for the discussion on – “60th Year of Independence – What we are Vs. What we could have been” to ibsafworld@ibsaf.org or just logon to www.ibsaf.org. All your entries would be featured in the forthcoming issues of the newsletter and the best ones would win fabulous prizes. So, grab your pen and try your luck.

This issue brings to you lots of information on your fellow alumni in Page 3, we heard from you and Chapter News, garnished with a dash of fun in just jokin’, Some astrological facts in Astro-Speak, small piece of info on making browsing through www.ibsaf.org easier and more useful, The sea beaches of Mauritus in Holiday Destinations and a lot more. Also, find some useful tips which make browsing through www.ibsaf.org easier and more fun.

Don't forget to send us your raves and rants. They help us serve you better.

Last but not the least at all, all you people celebrating your birthdays this month, here’s wishing you the Happiest Birthday ever.

Happy Reading

Raghab Prasad Panda


1 | Why CRM? The Business case for CRM

In virtually every industry and every global region, forward-looking organizations are investing in customer relationship management (CRM) technology to support the adoption of more customer-centric strategies. Examples of leading, global companies...

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2 | Silence is golden. Not always!!!

"Silence is more eloquent than words."
Most of us agree to the above mentioned statement. Sometimes silence is more eloquent than words. When we are not...

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3 | What Should You Invest First?
     Time or Money?

Get Tips on finacial matters by none other than the financial expert himslef - Mr. Kartik Jhaveri IBS, Mumbai,('99). Kartik features one some of the Leading TV Channels.



4 | Biz Quiz

Rack your brains and see whether you can remember these logos. Rush your entries and win great prizes.



5 | Cool Links

Best of the Web - Right here. Featuring: Reference | acefitness | PC Magazine | Online Books



6 | Puzzles

A very private way to gage the loss or non - loss of intelligence. Solve these puzzles. Solve


7 | We Heard from YOU

Know where your Friends are and Post messages about your whereabouts.



8 | Holiday Destinations

Mauritius a melting pot where past and present are smoothly blended together, offers an essential beauty that will compel to return to its shores time and time again.

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9 | Page 3

Insight into the lives, careers and post IBS experiences of select members. featuring: Saket Jalan, K Sudha, Manish, Ajay Nahar



10 | This month that year

Know your History. Get info on what happened in the month of July in History.....



11 | Did u know?

Some Fast Facts, you always wanted to know but never had the time to fond out....



12 | Bookwormz

The Brand Called You : How to Promote and Market Your Skills in Any Economy, author and personal...



13 | In Photos

Catch all the action here. Get a asneak peek on the events @ IBSAF and make sure you don't miss the next one. Featuring Events at Bangalore | Bhubaneswar




















Biz Quiz Winners (July '07 Issue)

Ravikumar Rathi
IBS Hyderabad ('99)
Arnab Sarkar
IBS Kolkata ('06)

Biz Quiz Winners (August '07 Issue)

Ashutosh Goyal
IBS Hyderabad ('04)
Shankar Bharath
IBS Chennai ('04)

Editorial Team

Mr. S.K Sharma
Chief Editor

Mr. Raghab Prasad Panda
Consulting Editor


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